Living with Stroke

A stroke can be a sudden, life-changing event for stroke survivors and their caregivers. Whilst the consequences can be devastating, people do recover and learn to live with the loss of some functioning where this has occurred.

Your best chance of recovering from a stroke is getting medical help early, being patient as functions return, accessing a good rehabilitation programme and keeping motivated, even if progress seems slow.

Our Understanding Stroke section has more about strokes. Our friends at the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand also have many printed resources available to help you live with a stroke, such as leaflets for family and friends, and a handbook, “Life After Stroke”.

We encourage those affected by stroke to contact us to register for our upcoming services tailored to support their recovery.

Chances of a Recurrence

If you have had a stroke, you are at risk of having another stroke in the future. But remember, you can do a lot to stop them from happening again. You can reduce the risk of having another stroke or TIA through lifestyle modifications and taking the medicines that your doctor prescribes. Refer to Preventing a Stroke.